Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Survival Pack for University || @TheUniBox_*

I'm now at the end of my second year of uni, honestly where the hell has the time gone? I feel like I've only just started the second year! If you've been a reader of my blog since 2015/2016, you'll know how much I have struggled with uni and how much of a journey it has been. I am finally ok with it... yes, it is still hard but I can manage it better now!

University is a massive jump from school/college and I don't think anyone is truly prepared for it, I definitely wasn't. So when The UniBox contacted me asking if I wanted to try one of their subscription care boxes, I was so excited! This is such a good concept, obviously we are all aware of how subscription boxes work, but this one isn't your average beauty box... this is perfectly tailored for university students. Parents, other loved ones, friends or students themselves can purchases these boxes as a little 'pick-me-up' throughout the university experience. Every now and again it's nice to have a little present for all of the hard work you do and this box is the perfect thing.

Inside March's Box is the following (Thank you Rich for being my hand model): 

Popcorn Shed Salted Caramel with Belgian Chocolate:

This is the perfect little snack for them boring 9am lectures you drag yourself to... or for the Netflix marathons you're having instead of doing uni work (We all do it)! 

Sebamed Grapefruit Shower Gel: 

This refreshing shower gel is the ideal thing to wake you up in the morning or to wash the day away in the evening! The citrus scent immediately makes you feel fresh and revived... the perfect thing for an early start or a refresh after a messy night out!

Rainbow Sticky Notes:

These are lifesavers for me! I'm always using sticky notes to jot down deadlines, write to-do-lists, save pages in books, there's endless possibilities! Who doesn't like rainbows?!

Creative Nature Superfoods Goji Flapjack:

This was by far one of my favourite things in the box! It is the ideal snack for when I'm travelling to uni, or when I just need a little pick-me-up in between lectures and tutorials. The sweetness of the goji berries made me want endless amounts! I'm definitely going to buy some more of these ASAP! 

Dept. Store for the Mind

These little stickers made me fill with joy, I am such a sucker for little cute things like this! They're the perfect little reminder for when you're feeling a bit down and drowning in work! "Trust your gut", "The answers are everywhere", "Not everything will be ok, but most things will"... these cute little doodle stickers can make anyone happy! 

Help Me Organics: 'Help me, it's way past my bedtime' Dreamy Room Spray:

This product especially excited me a lot! Recently, I have been really struggling to sleep... I am constantly waking up and having panic attacks, and struggle to calm my mind. This is the perfect thing for me! All you need to do is spray it around your room and on your pillows and it will instantly calm the mind, with hints of lavender and other essential oils! Just the thing you need to wind down after a busy day!

Cocoa+ High Protein Chocolate: 

I don't know about you but when I'm at a 9am-5pm day at uni, all I want is some chocolate! All I do in uni is snack, so this is ideal for me... and it has protein in it (It's basically healthy chocolate, so ya know' EAT IT ALL)! 

Yuyo Yerba Spice Tea:

This is the only thing in the box that I wasn't sure about but that's just because of my personal preference, I'm not a fan of flavoured tea. However, this tea is the perfect remedy to get rid of that freshers flu that lingers around every year!

'Tub' The UniBox Magazine:

This magazine comes with every box. It is filled with leaflets and information all about UniBox! All targeted to what students would be interested in! 

If you like the look of this box and want to order yourself or someone else one then all information is below: 
(All Subscription Packages can be purchased through this link >>> HERE)

Monthly Subscription: £24.99 >>> Per Box
3 Months Pre-pay Subscription: £23.98 >>> One UniBox every month for 3 months
6 Months Pre-pay Subscription: £22.50 >>> One UniBox every month for 6 months

Thank you to The UniBox for sending me this box to try! I'll definitely be purchasing one again in the future, it has cheered me up so much and it will hopefully get me through this last stretch of uni! 

Find UniBox here:

Instagram: @theunibox
Facebook: The UniBox Sub
Twitter: @theunibox_

*DISCLAIMER* All products were sent to me by The UniBox however, all opinions are 100% my own and have not be influenced by the brand.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

" I have bad Anxiety because..."

Fighting Anxiety on a daily basis is harder than you think. Everyone has the feeling of being anxious but it is when you differentiate the feeling of normal anxious emotions, to having an Anxiety disorder. It is normal to get the occasional anxious feeling every now and again in understandable situations for example, before an exam or public speaking! 

BUT... when you suffer with an Anxiety disorder whether that's general (GAD), social anxiety, agoraphobia or panic disorder (which in most cases comes with all types of Anxiety) it can be debilitating, crippling and you honestly feel like you are dying. I constantly see comments being thrown around on social media and TV saying "It's giving me anxiety", which can be understandable if someone actually has anxiety, but when it is used in a light hearted (ignorant) way for example, when you're watching a TV show and there's a tiny bit of suspense, you don't just magically get diagnosed with Anxiety.
Don't get me wrong, you do not have to be formally diagnosed to have Anxiety, I was only diagnosed last year but I have suffered with it for most of my life, having my first panic attack at around the age of 7. However, when people make comments about having Anxiety when they clearly do not have the illness (Yes, it is an actual illness, a chemical imbalance in the brain) it can be so frustrating for someone like me who has to fight the battle every day sometimes (the majority of the time) struggling to even leave the bed and get on with the day, after a sleepless night of having panic attack after panic attack. 

I was diagnosed with Anxiety (GAD/Social/Panic Disorder) and Depression July last year, so believe me when I say I STRUGGLE! 

Rich inspired me to write this post after he wrote a similar one about OCD >>> Read here! But I wanted to do something slightly different and get some other people involved... so here are some of mine and other Anxiety sufferers statements:

"I have bad Anxiety because..."

  • I can't leave the house without feeling like something bad is going to happen to me.
  • I can be up for the whole night having endless panic attacks, to the point Rich feels the need to call an ambulance. 
  • I can feel so lonely and isolated even when I'm surrounded by people I love.
  • I feel like the whole world is closing in on me whenever I'm in a situation I can't control.
  • I have to go outside to get air and to calm down on nights out because I don't like being in a crowded place, especially when intoxicated. 
  • I feel so disconnected from everyone... I feel alienated.
  • I can feel anxious to the point I feel physically sick, but when someone asks why, the words just don't come out. 
  • I immediately become paranoid when I see a tweet and think it's about me, even though I haven't even mentioned what they're tweeting about. 
  • I can't remember the last time I've gone through a day without a panic attack or feeling anxious. 
  • I feel like I have a herd of elephants standing on my chest stopping me from breathing.
  • I feel like I'm in a constant nightmare, where I am running and shouting but I'm not moving anywhere and the words are not coming out. 
  • I have the constant battle between wanting to do well in life and not caring at all, but when I don't care I start falling behind and failing, resulting in my anxiety getting worse. 
  • I want to socialise but it's like someone has chained my feet down so I can't move and my voice in non-existent. 
  • I constantly go over past conversations either from the day or 10 years ago just to check whether I said anything I shouldn't have said. 
  • I immediately want the ground to swallow me up whenever I walk into a room and hear people laughing, because I immediately think they're talking about me.
I could honestly go on forever, but this gives you some idea of what I (and many others) have to go through on a daily basis! Now for some other people's statements:

Others who wanted to stay anonymous: 

Since being officially diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression it has been one ol' struggle! Both illnesses run in my family so I've literally grown up with it. It takes over your life however, you can get help, see your GP, talk to a loved one... do anything you can do to ease it! 
I was kindly sent this book by the author Chloe Brotheridge to help with my Anxiety. "The Anxiety Solution" is all about Chloe's experiences with Anxiety and how she overcame the illness. The book includes different techniques to help manage your Anxiety and to hopefully overcome it, including meditation tips, a self-care diary and breathing techniques. I am yet to start reading this (thanks to endless amounts of uni work) but from what I've heard, it sounds like it's going to help me a lot! 

If you struggle with Anxiety and need a little bit of self help, then I strongly urge you to go and purchase this book! Links listed below of where you can find it:

Sorry for this long rambling post but I hope it helped you to understand the difference between feeling anxious and having anxiety!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post, I hope you're all doing ok and kicking Anxiety's ass! Love you all x

*Thank you to Chloe for sending your book, I can't wait to get time to properly read it!