Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Ever since I started YouTube I have slowly noticed my 'imperfections'. I completely understand now when Gabriella (Velvetgh0st) says that she has 'flat lips' on her side profile etc... when you're editing a video of yourself for hours on end, you begin to pick up on everything. Especially since my breakup with my boyfriend, my confidence has been at an all time low but I've started doing little things to build it back up! 

Which leads me onto my next thought... I constantly apologise in videos for my crappy makeup or messy hair or my makeup less face... but why should I apologise for being ME!? This is me, this is what makes me unique. 

I have recently uploaded a video about 'Things I'd Tell My Younger Self' in which I mentioned that I was born with something called Plagiocephaly (also known as flat head syndrome). This was more visible when I was younger and you can only really notice it now when I'm tired or ill. I tend to notice it in pictures quite a lot and especially when I edit videos! People tend to joke about it ... which I don't necessarily mind because it's what makes me 'me'! 
Sometimes I look at myself and hate the way I look, but I think that is a thing we all do! It's all due to the media and the way we have been brainwashed to perceive 'perfection'; which I have written about more in this post if you want a bit more on that! Recently, I've seen a lot of tweets on Twitter (duh) about people's self confidence; or should I say a 'lack of self confidence'. 

So this brings me on to the main point of this post....

I want to start up a little hashtag (#ThisIsMe) for Twitter and Instagram, to encourage you all to share what makes you... YOU! 

This can include a picture of: a birth mark... a makeupless selfie... or a full face of makeup... or that little scar you got as a child because you didn't do as you were told!

 Literally anything at all! 

Express yourself... show us who you are and what society deems to be 'imperfections' but in my opinion they are what make you ... you!

Share them with me... share them with the world... spread that positivity rather than all the hate we see on social media nowadays! 

Share this post with everyone and anyone... encourage them to join in!


Beauty Trends: Natural Makeup Look || Guest Post

We do not know is it the summer in the air or the overwhelming amount of makeup girls have been putting on their face lately (over-contouring we are looking at you), but it seems that the world has seen enough of goofy makeup looks and that the natural and slightly enhanced features are the best thing to wear this season. Women often fear that they will feel as naked without their makeup or with little products applied, but the truth is that every woman is far more attractive when her face is recognisable and her best assets just a bit accentuated. So, if you are up for it and want to know how and why to ace this trendy look, read on.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

I Donated Blood!

*If you're not a fan of needles or blood, this post is not for you! You have been warned! 
Since the age of about 10 years old, I have wanted to donate blood! When my Grandad was extremely ill in hospital, they gave him blood transfusions and it made him well enough to go home. I remember feeling incredibly happy that someone else's blood helped him feel that little bit better and made him strong enough to literally live another day! This made me want to donate even more... so finally this year I made an appointment to donate blood for the first time! 

On the 14th June 2016 (yesterday as I am writing this), I donated a pint of blood! I had been sooooo excited up until the actual day where I started to feel more anxious. As I went into the church where I was donating, I handed in the questionnaire which they had sent to me in the post a week or so before; and sat down to read the welcome booklet that they gave me. After a short wait, I was taken to be tested for my iron levels and they went over the questionnaire with me. Then I was told to basically down a pint of water and then less than 2 seconds later I was taken to the chair to donate. 
I didn't think they'd rush to do it that quick so I didn't really have time to fully prepare myself, but to be honest I don't blame them... it was nearly 8:30pm by this point and I was the last donor of the day so they probably wanted to go home haha! I would recommend if you are a first time donor that you get an appointment earlier on in the day when it's less busy and it'll give you the rest of the day to relax and rest up. 

As I sat in the extremely comfortable chair (I want one for sunbathing... perfect sunbed haha) the nurse took my blood pressure and found a vein... she then sterilised everything and put the needle in; which may I add YOU DO FEEL. It is the weirdest feeling ever. It's not like an injection, it's a full on needle. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like someone is slowly stabbing you with a small knife. But it only lasts a few seconds and you soon get used to it, so please don't let that put you off! To be honest, it's probably the same feeling as a blood test, but I have never had one so I wouldn't know; I was going into this completely unaware of what to expect. The nurse had to move the needle around a bit once it was in my arm in order to move it into the right position, which was not the nicest of feelings. She then set up the bag and tubes etc and left my body to do the work. 
At this point, the 'needle' pain had gone but I now had the biggest burning pain where the needle was. I have no idea if that is normal or not but it was soooo sore. It felt like someone had put a hot rod into my arm and left it there; I tried to keep myself distracted so I couldn't feel anything. It only took about 5-15 minutes for the bag to fill up, to which point the nurse came over to take the needle out, which you do not feel at all. You then have to hold a piece of cotton over the top to stop the bleeding and your chair is pulled backwards so you can relax and rest. 

After about 5 minutes, I started to feel a bit sick and light headed, which was to be expected. I suddenly got really hot and sweaty, which is also normal and I felt very spaced out. I had never felt like this before so I was not sure how to react. They moved my chair back even more to allow the blood to get to my head and to make me feel less faint. After I had stayed like that for about another 5 minutes, I sat up and felt a lot better. 

Well... I THOUGHT I felt a lot better. I was so wrong haha! I walked over to the refreshments table and was given a cold drink, which is what you have on the first time you donate. I felt fine walking over to the table (which was literally less than a metre away) but as soon as I sat back down, I began to uncontrollably shake. I didn't really realise I was shaking so much. I then got really hot and sweaty again, and I had a massive headache. I then began to feel really faint and spaced out and everything got really bright very quickly. My sister asked what does it feel like when you feel like you're going to faint and my response: "You see the light"... which you do... all you can see is bright light and everything is a blur.

The nurses reacted so quickly, they put me back into the chair I donated in and pulled it back as far as it could go and I stayed there for another 10 minutes. My friend Kate fed me (literally like a Greek Goddess being fed grapes) a chocolate bar and the nurse gave me some mini cheddars (which I was very happy about because FREE FOOD). 
The nurse also fanned me down to cool me, while she was doing that, she was staring at my face and then said "How long does it take you to do your makeup?!... It's perfect!", every beauty bloggers favourite thing to hear haha! She was having a general conversation with me to take my mind off how I feel and after a while, I felt a lot more normal. They slowly got me back up and checked I was fully ok before I went home. The nurses were so friendly and were so caring; which calmed me down a lot! 

As I got home, I had something to eat and drink and felt a lot better. I had the best sleep and my body got a lot of well needed rest! I woke up feeling a little bit rough. I guess because I donated late at night and basically went to bed a couple of hours later, I didn't have time to drink all the water my body needed (obviously because I was asleep). So when I woke up I just felt weak and had a bit of a headache. I have felt nauseous all day, but I have managed to eat. You need to make sure you don't have too much sugar, as you have less cells to break down the sugar, so stick to water and low sugar foods (which I have not done and I am kicking myself for it). 

My arm hasn't bruised much but it does feel very bruised. I think I was allergic to the tape or plaster they put on it because I came up in a rash and it was very itchy and still had the burning sensation. It still feels very sore and tender and my arm feels very weak. I read up about it and it said it should take around 8 weeks for your body to fully recover. You will feel 100% again after a few days but inside your body is still recovering, so take it slow and get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. 
Even though this was quite an eventful experience and I feel very nauseous and weak, it was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I am extremely proud of myself and I can't wait to donate again! I will hopefully be donating again in October/November. Women have to wait 4 months until they can donate again, so their bodies are fully recovered. You now get sent a text telling you where your blood has gone, which I cannot wait to receive; you also get a letter sent in the post of your blood type, which I am interested to find out! I strongly urge you to donate if you can... it's such a simple process but it can save someone's life! You may feel like death when you've donated but it's nothing compared to how the people feel who NEED the blood! 

If you would like to donate, all you have to do is register here and make an appointment in the nearest centre to you:

I hope this has opened your eyes to the world of donating blood! I hope I haven't scared some of you haha, I wanted to be completely honest about how you feel so you can expect what's to come!

Thank you to everyone who has donated... You are truly amazing people <3

If you are unable to donate for any reasons, then please do you bit by spreading the word about donation... share this post and encourage people to donate! 6000 blood donations are needed daily but there are not enough donors, so please take an hour out of your day and help save a life <3

Have you donated before?
What was your donation experience like?
Let me know in the comments below 
(Thank you to my sister Hannah and friend Kate for keeping me company)

Monday, 13 June 2016

Must Buy Gifts For This Father’s Day || Guest Post

Fathers are tricky beings to buy for.  When it comes Mother’s day I know exactly what she’ll love and even if I am struggling, flowers have never let me down. The issue with buying for dads can be that very often- they ask for very little. It’s in their DNA to be very practical only accumulating exactly what they need. You’ll often find that the things that they really do love are kept quiet or done away from the family home.  This essential father’s day gift guide is here to aid all struggling children of hard to buy for dads.

Sweet Treats


When I talk about dads doing things they really love away from the family home, secret eating I imagine is a big one. As a woman, I know I’m guilty of devouring a chocolate bar in the time between leaving the corner shop to then arriving home. Well, men do it too. I know this because I recently spotted a middle aged guy devouring a cream éclair in his family hatchback. Clearly what happens in supermarket carparks stays there.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Haul

I've been following Zoe for about 6/7 years now and I fall in love with anything and everything she launches, so I HAD to try some of her Sweet Inspirations Range! I am a lover of sweet scents... anything to make me feel all cosy and content. I'm a massive bath fanatic and I'm constantly envious towards other bloggers and vloggers who use Lush products in their bath because my skin does not agree with many things from there *cries*, although I have found one bath bomb that likes me and a body cream *dances*! 
So I've been on the hunt for bath products that agree with my skin, then it clicked.... Zoe has a new range! I had tried some of her previous products and loved them all, so I knew I was not going to be disappointed! I am a massive lover of bath salts and bath milks so when I saw that she was bringing some out, I ordered them straight away! 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

A New Chapter

This is just a quick life update kind of post just for myself to look back on. As you may know I broke up with my boyfriend a month or so ago and I've only just got my life back on track. I have finally finished my first year of uni on a 1st (How I managed to get 91 on my exam I will never know), I have FINALLY started YouTube and I am not far off of 200 subscribers, I have some exciting projects for my blog being organised and I'VE ONLY GONE AND BEEN CHOSEN AS A FINALIST IN THE BEAUTY BLOGGER AWARDS 2016
I entered the awards last year but didn't make it close to even being a finalist however, I still went to the event and had the best day (read all about it here)! This year I decided to enter myself again for the 'Best Use of Social Media' award, as I am obsessed with social media (My phone never leaves my side) and I want to go into social media and branding as a career, so I can't even begin to describe how much this award means to me! 

I remember my ex saying to me that I need to use my blog to my advantage and try and make something out of it... to which I said "It's not that easy/It's my hobby, nothing else"... but since then EVERYTHING has happened! I've managed to get myself some sponsorships, become a finalist for an award and I have managed to do something which I never thought I'd be able to do (all will be revealed very soon)! 
This is my way of saying: "F U breakup... F U crap time of my life... F U stressful year"! This is my new chapter... this is proof that things do get better; there is light at the end of the tunnel and most of this is all down to you lovely people who have supported me through all the good and bad times so thank you, thank you, thank you! 

If you would like to support me in the Beauty Blogger Awards then you can vote here:

It would honestly mean everything to me! I never get close to winning anything, let alone being a finalist! It finally feels like these 3 years of blogging has paid off, all thanks to you lovely bunch <3

If you're going through a little rough patch, just remember, THINGS DO GET BETTER! 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas with MenKind*

Dads. You love them. You may hate them. You may want to completely disown them. But at the end of the day, they're still your dad and you would not be on this planet without them, so father's day is the time to say thank you!
Now, my dad is a lazy fat lump (no offence dad but it's true... love you) but I love him to pieces and I would not have him any other way (well he could be less grumpy and hot headed sometimes but what can you do... men have to deal with so much like... periods, childbirth... oh wait. NO THEY DON'T)! 

If you want to say thank you to your dad for everything he does for you (in my case: dad cabs, paying for most of my things, making me laugh etc.) but you're not sure on what to get him, then MenKind is the place for you. I think I have gone in there every single year to get my dad some cufflinks or something like that; he must own every pair in the shop haha! 

MenKind have a whole page dedicated to Father's Day on their website and most of the products are on sale, so win win for everyone ;) From gadgets to pointless crap that we all feel we need in our lives for some stupid reason (They'll probably end up in the junk draw alongside everything else that has no home); there will be something perfect for your dad! 
I have decided to go for the BBQ Tool Set because my dad has decided to spend yet again money he hasn't got on ANOTHER BBQ which we will probably only use a few times before he gets bored of it and realises he can't cook to save his life! But I'm not complaining, I'm not exactly going to turn down a burger *or five.
I've also got him a 'Fruit Fusion Citrus Bottle' ... which admittedly I am going to steal... love me some detox water! He has recently started Slimming World (for like the 1000000th time and probably going to fail again) so he's trying to live a healthier lifestyle and this is the perfect thing. It's also going to be very useful on all those trips to the gym he has been doing of course (HEAVY SARCASM).
I'll probably also push the boat out a bit and make him a tea in bed if I am feeling extra nice ;) 

I hope this has given you some ideas of what to get your dad for father's day! I always try to get useful presents and not just ones that he will forget about in 5 mins! Make sure you check out MenKind's Father's Day Gift Ideas: They have some great gifts at affordable prices! 

What are you getting your dad for father's day?
Have you got anything planned for the day?
Let me know in the comments below

*This post is in collaboration with MenKind however all opinions are my own and have not be influenced by the brand.
Thank you to MenKind for gifting me the products, I'm sure my dad will love them!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Bloggers You Need To Follow

I've been blogging for a few years now and I've stumbled across many blogs on the way! Some of which have inspired me, made me laugh when I'm feeling a bit down and/or have made my bank account cry a little. So I thought, why not share them with all of you... there are now 1045 of you (4262 on Twitter) reading my little blog, which still to this day amazes me... so I guess I have enough power to make you check out some other blogs (which are 100000% more entertaining than mine, believe me haha)!
Starting off with Georgia from Mapped Out! Words cannot describe how much she helped me at the beginning of my university experience; she was one of the people that motivated me and pushed me to carry on and I am so so grateful for that! Thanks to her for pushing me to stick at it, I managed to achieve a 91 in my exam, leaving me to complete the year on a first! If she hadn't pushed me to carry on then I would have never of known what I was capable of! Not to mention... how beautiful she is and how stunning her photography is! Go and give her a cheeky follow because she deserves millions of followers <3

Georgia's Links:

Onto the next blog... this human being has made my days a lot brighter... from her ever so beautiful Snapchats to her sarcastic tweets. Sarah from A Diary of a Teachaholic has helped me so much recently, more than she thinks! She made my days that little bit brighter when I was going through my breakup and well just in general makes me happy. She sent me a lovely letter alongside some gifts for my birthday and the letter is honestly something I am going to treasure forever (literally going to put it in a frame and hang it on my wall). 
Go give the girl a follow pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (*I'm the only the only hope she has got #dontpunchme) *#loveyoureally ... #maybe 

Sarah's Links: 

Lastly, Rachel from Rachel Rambling On. Number 1: Her blog name is the cutest. Number 2: She has the most inspiring posts about body confidence. Number 3: LOOK AT HOW STUNNING SHE IS! I'm definitely more of a fan of lifestyle kind of posts rather than beauty... I love how you can get to know someone just by reading some words on a screen and she is the perfect example. She opens up to the world about body positivity and self love and I think that is such an important subject to talk about. If you ever need a little 'pick me up' she's your gal!

Rachel's Links: 

Snapchat: rachrogers11

I wish I had the time and motivation to include every single one of you but just know that I love you all equally ahah! I want you all to go and give these girls some lovin because they deserve it so so much <3

I thought I would use this opportunity to say sorry! Sorry for my rubbish content on here recently. I really am trying but blogging isn't doing it for me as much anymore.... it's all about the YouTube at the moment! What I'm trying to say is, I don't want to commit to uploading weekly on here anymore... or for at the moment at least. I don't enjoy it as much anymore and I don't feel I should make it into any more of a chore as it is! I am uploading weekly on YouTube (10 am every Saturday) so it would mean the world if you subscribed and gave that a little bit of love! I guess you'll just see me when you see me! 

Thank you all so much for sticking by me and supporting me ... I'm not stopping blogging completely, I just need a little break and to get my mojo back... breaks are needed remember! 

Love you all <3
Comment below some of your favourite blogs and share the love!