Saturday, 23 April 2016

"Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow"

So, here I am again with another life update post and unfortunately this one isn't going to be as happy as my previous post. Honestly, at the moment my emotions are everywhere, I'm not really sure how to feel anymore... the only way I can describe my feelings is 'empty'. 

One major change in my life since writing my last post, is the fact I am now single; maybe I just don't have much luck with relationships haha! Although he broke up with me, there are no hard feelings at all. He had his reasons and I respect them, unfortunately I couldn't do anything to change the way he feels... it just wasn't meant to be. We have both agreed we want to remain friends (eventually) as we do have mutual friends and as I said before, it's no ones fault, no one has done anything wrong... so I guess I've just gained a really good friend from this! 
However, this doesn't mean that I'm all happy and dandy about this 'situation', if anything I'm just hurt. Break ups are never easy and they certainly are NOT fun! Before I met him, I was finally happy in myself and life... then he came along and I have never felt happier... everything just fell into place; it's just a shame he didn't feel the same way; but that is life! What I'm finding the hardest is getting back to that 'happy place'. I feel like I am back to square one. I need to regain my confidence, feel happy in myself again and stop being so hard on myself and just accept that 'that's life'! 

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Living the Dream: Achieving the Perfect Student Lifestyle || Guest Post*

Being a student is a different experience for everyone. Like school, it can be largely influenced by your social and cultural standing. These can play a big part in defining who our friends our, what we get up to in our free time, and many other aspects of our personal lives.
We all dream of our ideal lifestyles, but as students we are mostly encouraged to slum it with many aspects of our lives, or at least this is the perception that largely exists in the mainstream. The view that student homes are small and abysmal, or eat rubbish on a regular basis and wear tattered clothes are popular, but based entirely on stereotypes. Sometimes the chips fall this way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your circumstances.

Achieving that dream student lifestyle will actually take some work and planning. You aren’t going to have all the ingredients fall neatly in your lap upon arrival, nor will you likely have a solid plan of action as a newbie fresher on day one. So how can you be prepared?


Student homes have a bad rep with most agencies. It’s hard to see why sometimes, as students are proven to be excellent tenants and are in high supply in University cities such as London, Brighton or Bath.

In these high density University locations, finding a nicer house is easier as there’s more to choose from, but also harder in some cases as there’s more competition and quality properties are snapped up quickly. Show your potential landlord that you are trustworthy, and be punctual in your communications to ease any concerns they might have. Behaving in a courteous manner will open you up to more properties, each more likely to offer more space, a better location, and better potentially better prices.
The earlier you begin this search, the more likely you’ll be able to find a dream student house. Once you’ve settled on accommodation, you’ll want the inside to be just as nice. The perfect student home offers a mix of sociable and private spaces, ensuring you can be mingle when you want to, as well as get away and study in peace if needs be. Also important is creating an inviting interior space; for fellow students, I recommend renting everything you need. UK furniture hire is becoming more popular, offering thousands of home products for as long as you need them.


Every student likes new clothes, and living the student dream means you’ll always have the opportunity to expand your style and grow your wardrobe every month. Being away from home for perhaps the first time can be refreshing for your style; the further influence of independence, your new home city, and the culture of people around you can result in some brave new fashion choices that you wouldn’t try anywhere else.
There’s almost no better time to change up your fashion sense than University, as it’s a chance to explore your interests freely, as well as a new beginning of sorts. Don’t force it upon yourself though, let a style you’re interested in grow naturally and make it unique with your own sensibilities. Experiment with more smart and casual styles for specific occasions, as being able to do both is the hallmark of a stylish person!


It’s no use living a dream student lifestyle without the grades to show for it. Many people forget they are at University for a specific purpose beyond finding themselves or making their way in the world. It’s all about the qualification, and the benefits it will have on your adult life.

The perfect student lifestyle will ensure you can spend just as much time on your work, and still have a great social life. The trick is planning, making sure you either have set times to work during the week, or that you dedicate a certain amount of time to furthering your studies each week. This does not include time spent in class. Rushing work with a deadline can be a huge source of stress, which in turn detriments the quality of your studies. As a student, you can also get access to hundreds of discounted software to make your work easier; products which offer educational prices include Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, FileMaker and Unity Pro.
The simple truth is the more time spent on your studies, the better your student life will be. Studying regularly will open a wide range of opportunities in University and beyond. For example, if you are frequently studying you’ll have first access to better resources, as well as the peace of mind and sense of achievement which is almost guaranteed to make you feel accomplished, leading to a sense of happiness in most cases.

Free Time

How we spend our free time is our own choice, and all down to how involved we want to be in our imminent social circles. Shyness can be crippling in these sort of scenarios, but it’s painfully obvious that achieving the dream student lifestyle also largely stems from our social lives. You’re in a brand new setting and it’s likely to be scary, but embrace your new beginning and be confident, or you could end up regretting what could have been.

Are you planning on going to uni in September?
Or are you a student already?
Do you find it hard trying to find the balance between uni and life in general?
Leave your views in the comments below!

*This is a guest post however, all images are my own

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Let's Get Naked...

NUDES NUDES NUDES, I love nudes ... well, not them kinds of nudes but even better... Nude lipsticks!

You cannot go wrong with a nude lipstick! All I own are different shades of nudes, I like the fact I can wear them everyday and they're also perfect and sleek for a night out! They go with EVERY makeup look and skin tone. If you don't own any nude lipsticks; then 1: what the hell are you doing with your life 2: This is the post for you ;) 
Now, I've tried my fair share of nude lipsticks, drugstore and high end and I think I have finally found my holy grails, so I thought I would share them with you! 3/4 are high end, so I am sorry if you cannot push to this budget however, they are worth every penny and last so much longer then the drugstore ones I have tried. 
As you can see from the swatches in the image above, they are all very similar (minus MAC Brave). I tend to steer away from MAC Brave in these colder months as it is more of a summery lipstick, so it is 100% coming to Ibiza with me! Although, it is still an amazing nude if you want something with a hint of colour. I'm not the biggest fan of pinks, I do prefer a brown under toned nude (as you can probably tell haha)... so buying 'Brave' certainly was a brave step for me... see what I did there ;) 
This is the perfect lipstick for people who want it look like 'their lips but more', if that makes any sense at all ahah! It retails at £15, which you could argue is a bit pricey for one lipstick however, MAC lipsticks literally stay on forever, I very rarely have to top it up throughout the day, unlike some of my drugstore ones. This has a gorgeous satin finish leaving your lips looking partly matte with a hint of shine. 

If you're looking for more a matte brown under toned lipstick then Charlotte Tilbury's Very Victoria is what you need! It's very similar to MAC Velvet Teddy but I personally think it's better! It lasts longer and has the nicest brown tone to it; suiting all skin tones, however, it is £23 so start saving your pennies! It's actually inspired by Victoria Beckham so what's not to like? Unleash your inner posh spice.... 
The lipstick has tree and orchid extracts in it, which means it softens, protects and hydrates your lips to make them look healthy and young. It also includes 3D glowing pigments to create the illusion of fuller lips, which is definitely a craze at the moment (thanks Kylie)! AND the best thing... it is kiss proof... It does not budge at all!

MAC Velvet Teddy is very very similar to Very Victoria however, I find this one to be quite drying after a while, which is expected from a matte lipstick. Although, as you can tell by the picture... I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! It was my first ever MAC lipstick which I kindly got for my 18th, but as you can see, it has seen better days haha! 
I'm not going to bang on too much about this lipstick as I have written a whole post dedicated to it over here! But just to give you a brief description; this lipstick is a very deep-toned beige, which gives you that 'classic, sophisticated' look that is SO popular at the moment! Gone are the days of classic red lips... 

Now, this last one I'm still 'uming and ahring' about... I only bought it the other day but I wanted to include it in this post as liquid lipsticks are a massive 'thing' right now, and I am 10000% jumping on that bandwagon. I think this is the PERFECT dupe for the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits as well as, MAC liquid lipstick in 'Lady Be Good'. 
It is of course MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer in the shade 'Tranquility'. It only costs £3, which is already a winner with me! I'm yet to know how long it lasts, or whether it is drying, but I know that this is a good 'starter' lipstick if you are just wanting to get used to liquid lipsticks, especially if you are questioning whether to take the plunge into the depths of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits... THAT POSTAGE THOUGH </3
It gives you the perfect velvet-matte pout and it has such great pigment especially considering it is a drugstore product. It feels like it would last a long time, just from the time I quickly tried it on... not 100% sure if it's 'kiss proof' but I'm guessing it would take a lot for it to budge! 

And that is it for my 'must have nudes! Sorry I'm so useless are describing products but you all get the general idea (I hope) ;) If you would like to see my do any particular make up looks with these lipsticks then let me know in the comments below! I feel that all these lipsticks give you that perfect sleek, striped back, 'naked' look!

What's your favourite?
Have you tried any of these?
Let me know in the comments below!

Sorry if my posts are a bit hit and miss over the next month... I am busy revising and pushing through the last bit of the first year of uni, but bear with me... the summer will be busy with blogging blogging blogging (and possibly vlogging, if I get the balls to do it!)

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Delivering a Killer Presentation || Guest Post*

We’ve all been there; a situation where we have to bring our best efforts in order to present and convince people of our ideas. Whether you’re a professional or student, the presentation is probably a rite of passage for everyone. Standing in front of people with all attention focused on you, whether it’s 3 of your co-workers or 100 of your fellow students, takes guts. If there’s ever situation which demands you pull out all the stops, it has to be presentation time.
Of course, your ideas are ultimately what will win people over, but having the authority and confidence to back it all up and convince people is also hugely important to the presentation process. Everyone has a different style of presenting, but no matter how good you are, holding people’s attention is hard. This is especially true when they’ve seen 100 PowerPoint presentations before.

So what can you do keep people interested whilst you’re presenting? Here we’ll be exploring some top tips and tricks for getting and holding the interest of your audience.