Saturday, 26 December 2015

Uni Update and Q&A!

So I've been at uni for a term now... I've actually managed to survive a term (well just about survive). If you didn't know already, when I first started uni back in the end of September, I wasn't the biggest fan of it; shall we say. I still don't know why I hated it so much... I think it was because I felt soooo out of my comfort zone and I didn't feel ready at all! I felt like someone had literally got my life in their hands and just chucked it up in the air. 
All I kept seeing was people from my old school uploading Freshers pictures with their new flat mates on Facebook, looking like they were having the best time... whereas with me, it felt like I was living a nightmare! I had made some really good friends, but I guess because I don't live in halls, I'm not going to be as close to them as I would have if I lived with them 24/7; which is a natural feeling I guess?! 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide – What to get those who are Tough to Buy For || Guest Post

Beauty Fanatic
Put together your own beauty kit for them and include all the treats they’d love. From pampering through to getting ready to go out – add in a range of items that will take them from the home to a night out on the town.

A face mask and body scrub, along with some skin care products will help them unwind and feel rejuvenated. Pick up a cute make-up bag – you can choose something one that really matches their personality. Etsy has loads so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Do they have a favourite magazine? Pop one in, and if it comes with a free gift, then that’s an extra gift for them! Little nail varnishes and eye shadows work well too. If you have some budget left over then go for a beauty treatment voucher. HD brow treatments are huge right now but if you’re unsure what they’d like, opt for a monetary voucher. Oh, and don’t forget chocolate – key staple of Christmas gifts!

The Expectant Mother
A ‘mother and baby’ gift basket will be the perfect present for the expectant mother. Make her feel pampered and cared for while she’s going through a somewhat uncomfortable time. Treats for before and after the birth will give them something to enjoy now and something look forward to.

A spa voucher will allow them to take some time out and relax – a foot or back massage might be just what they need if they’re suffering from swollen feet or backache. Think about what they may be going through and the relevant gift, and you won’t go far wrong! A clay cast and photo frame set will go down well – something exciting for when he/she arrives. For something fun try a quirky maternity t-shirts and be sure to include a soothing-scented candle and chocolates. If there’s something they haven’t been able to eat or drink since they’ve been pregnant, pop in one of those too…maybe they can’t wait for their favourite coffee again.

The Traveller
Do you know where they’re next planning to go on their travels? Or do you know the kinds of holiday activities they like to do? Base your gift choices on the answers to those questions, but for as a general guide go for the following types of items.
A digital camera will stand them in good stead wherever their next adventure is. A photo album or voucher to get some images printed will allow them to have some memories from the trip around the house. If you do know their next destination a book on the language or top places to go to will be helpful and thoughtful. If you’re looking to create a lower budget (but equally amazing) gift then combine things like the language book and a compass with a number of funny items, such as snorkel, waterproof coat, sun block, and a handy bag with some holidaying-essentials inside. If they’re looking for inspiration on where to go next, go the extra mile and pick up a book on top travel destinations.

Gadget, gadgets, gadgets!
The gadget man or woman can be a difficult person to buy for. Choose gadgets based on one of their interests, such as music, cooking, technology or sport. Some tech pieces can be a bit expensive so if you want to give them a few presents, pick a main gift and then find a few related, but cheap, items that fit with the particular interest you’ve chosen.

A techy watch that has Smart features like GPS is great for those that love watches or general technology. If they love their iPad or phone then a special case, such as 3D printed one which you can have custom designed, will show you’ve really paid attention to what they like. They love sports? Try one of the latest fitness pieces, like a pedometer. If music is their passion go for special headphones for the device they listen to it on. If you’re looking to a get a few smaller bits then go for the headphones or case and team them with things like a smartphone projector or an electronic kit for them to fix or adapt one of their many cool toys; you pick these kinds of things up at a fairly low cost.

Beauty Fanatic: Beauty Product, Make-up
The Expectant Mother: Pampering, Baby Gift
The Traveller: Camera, Travel Kit
Gadget, gadgets, gadgets: iPad Cases, Headphones

*This post was written as a guest post for my blog. 

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Skin Care Saviours

Hello!!!! I'm back... sorry my posts have been a bit 'meh' recently, I've explained everything over here! Do you notice anything different about my blog?! ;) I thought it was time to make a few changes... I'm going to be tweaking things here and there until I get it to how I want, but I hope you all like the changes so far :) 

Now onto this weeks post... 
My skin has been dreadful recently; it happens every year around this time because of the cold weather, alcohol and a lot of crappy (but amazing) food. So I've needed to take care of my skin before it turns into one giant spot. I have been loving a handful of products that have maintained my skin and kept it looking the best it can look. Some products I have mentioned before, so I am not going to go into detail about them, I'll just link you to other posts where I've mentioned them in more detail.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Fashion Fiend in your Life*

Unsure of what to get your fashion-loving girlfriend, friend or sister for Christmas? Finding the right present when it comes to clothing and accessories can be really difficult, particularly when there are so many types of style. To help, check out this Christmas gift guide for the fashion-fiend in your life. We’ll help you figure out what their style is and the perfect thing/s to get them!

Lovers of a classic style like to keep colours and patterns to a minimum and only use accessories sparingly. Think Audrey Hepburn or Emma Watson! As truly chic people, they will always look like they’ve made an effort but not tried too hard.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Stocking Filler Ideas*

Christmas is just around the corner *squeals* not long until we can open our stockings and get a bit too drunk on all the mulled wine! So for this post, I have teamed up with Dizen to give you guys a few ideas on some stocking filler presents! 
  1. Now I don't know about you but I LOVE stationary (who doesn't) I will find ANY excuse to buy cute little paper clips and these one are adorable! FRICKING ELEPHANTS! What more could you want?! I would be so happy to get these little guys in my stocking!