Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Saying Goodbye...

Recently I've been feeling crap about my blog. It's got to the point where I have no time to fully commit to it and make it the best it can be. I started blogging because I was interested in sharing my opinions online and I was influenced by other bloggers. 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Current Music Favourites

Being a student at uni means I get a lot of work and the only thing to keep me sane is music. I sing all the time when I'm at home (and no I can't sing). I often get asked by my sister; "Do you ever shut up?!" and the answer to that is.... no. Especially because of all the amazing music out at the moment. 

I'm going to share with you a quick list of the music I have been loving at the moment:

Made In The AM - One Direction

Blue Neighbourhood - Troye Sivan

The Les Miserables soundtrack (Of Course)

Chaos and The Calm - James Bay 

EP- Ryan O'Shaughnessy 

Hobbie Stuart Covers and Originals (Of Course) 

Sorry for this being a quick post! I am struggling to find the time to blog regularly due to uni and I'm not really enjoying blogging as much! Hopefully, around Christmas time I'll get back into blogging again... I'm going to prepare loads of posts for you in the new year! 

What music have you been loving recently?
Leave your current music favourites in the comments below :)

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Is Uni My Only Option? || Guest Post by Kate

Hello Petals of Perfection readers!

My name is Kate, however Sophie often refers to me as Katie, Katherine, Kassandra and many other nicknames…and to clarify my name is just Kate! I’ve featured in a few blog posts, but more often than not Sophie and I tweet regularly, maybe you’ve seen it!? 

I’m writing this post because I offered to help my best friend out, after all she is at university, but I also think the fact that I have A LOT to say about life and things may have also persuaded her! I’ve often joked with Sophie about not ever having things to say if I were to write a blog, and for those who know me, definitely know that isn’t true! 

So here goes…

Now, I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself and how I know Sophie! I’m Kate (obviously) and I’m 18, and am currently employed as a Nanny. My dream is to become a Paramedic…I know…not one the most glamorous of jobs in the world, but someone has to do it! I have blue eyes, blonde hair (originally) and I’m a huge fan of red lipsticks. Sophie might suggest that I have too many red lipsticks that are ‘the same shade’ but honestly they are all different! (Sophie: They are not different at all). I love my eyeliner and lipstick…they are probably the only bits of makeup that I can execute well!

Sophie and I have known each other literally since we’ve been born, and well, what can I say, we’re inseparable! Our Dads have known each other since they were 8, and have stayed best friends ever since! So really it was inevitable that we were going to end up besties! If I could sum up Sophie in 3 words they would be; Beautiful (have you guys seen how stunning she is!)(Sophie: Thank you... but have you seen yourself!), Smart (she’s ridiculously brainy and doesn’t give herself the credit!), Reliable (honestly the most reliable person in the world, always there for you… even at 2/3 in the morning), and Fun (I cannot tell you how many times she’s had me crying of laughter!) Whoops…that was 4…and there are so many more!

(I know…we’re right posers)

So, as I’ve said previously I want to be a paramedic. However, I’m currently employed as a nanny. Therefore the aim of my blog post is to prove that not getting in to university the first time round is NOT the end of the world! Ok, ok I admit…I did believe that it was the end of the world when I got the news that I wasn’t going to university, but quickly afterwards I realised that I’m 18…not 80…I have so much time on my hands, and that maybe having this year out would help me!

For those who are currently in the UCAS period, or in sixth form, college etc. there is quite a lot of pressure about going to university, almost as though that is it, if you don’t go to university you will fail in life. Well for starters, that is utter rubbish! The school I went to, after I told them that I wasn’t going to university…they almost ‘gave up’ on me, like I was the anomaly in their statistics! I still came out at the end of sixth form with some fairly decent results, which can STILL enable me to get into university! 

It may sound odd, but honestly I think that the universities saying no has done me the world of good! For those of you who are currently questioning whether or not university is for you, I’d take the year out to not only discover what works for you, but to discover yourself. There are so many options and programmes that you can take as part of a gap year, some do cost money but some are completely free! Many university’s look for experience, having more experience is more likely going to get you a place. A gap year can help you in many different ways also, such as being able to get some money behind you, in order to pay for the fees!

As I have said previously, I am currently a Nanny. I was very lucky, and the family that I babysat for offered me a job. So now I look after 3 adorable munchkins! Charlie (8), Toby (5) and Jack (2). However, I had already applied for apprenticeships in a medical environment, I also looked up GapMedics, a 4 week course abroad, working in a hospital. I had considered many different options, therefore I’d recommend having a look around. I had also decided that I didn’t want to apply through clearing, I believed that this year out would help me, mentally and physically. By exploring your options, it enables to show you what you like and dislike. If you apply for a course, and you believing that it’s the right one, and finding out that it’s not quite right, can make it difficult in finding another course!

Now, I still want to apply for university, and have already started the application process again. I don’t want to put anyone off university, I just want to let you know that university isn’t the only option after leaving school! I thoroughly enjoy working as a nanny, and I do feel like it’s given me a new perspective on how things work, as well as gaining experience when handling children. I hope that you find some of what I’ve written useful, especially to those who are unsure of their options after school has finished.

Thank you Sophie, for allowing me to try out blogging and writing a guest post on your blog. Maybe you’ll let me write again some time ;)

 (Sophie: Thank you Katie/Kate/Kassandra/ etcccc.. for writing this blog post for me! It really helped me out in this busy time! I love you lots and lots!)
 Comment below if you think Kate should start a blog... I DO!