Saturday, 26 September 2015

Share Your Serenity

I completely fell in love with Hannah's collaboration with Portmeirion about sharing the things that help you visualise your own sense of serenity! The idea is that you put together a collage of 4 photos which represent your serenity and explain why! (If you want more information about the #ShareYourSerenity competition, see Hannahs post). 

I really wanted to join in with this idea, as recently I've been feeling very 'blergh' and confused *Oh Life*! 

So, onto my serenity: 
1) YouTube (The Michalaks): 
I have been subscribed to a lot of Youtubers for years now and I always used to spend my weekends watching endless amounts of videos. It would help me 'escape' the world and focus on something else! YouTube has been there for me when I feel so 'blergh'... it always manages to cheer me up! The videos I look forward to the most are, The Michalaks Video Diaries. Something about them just makes me so calm and happy! The editing and filming of them is beyond amazing... Stef NEEDS to make a film or something (I would pay millions to watch it)! 
2) My sister: 
No words can describe my love for my sister! She is ALWAYS there for me, through thick and thin! Things are always better when she's around... *as I type this I'm on the phone to her.... "Some man is walking behind me and he looks like he's going to attack me so I thought I would call you just in case!"* < this is the perfect example of why she makes me peaceful and happy haha!

3) My friends: 
My friends are just the best people! They're always there for me when I need them. I have made some great friends over the past few months, hopefully friends which I am going to have for life! This week, as I said before, I have felt very blergh... to make me feel better, I have spent most of the week with my friend Kate/Katie/Katherine/Cassandra etccccc and also I went to see One Direction with my bestest friend Nicole... it's the little things like this that I appreciate the most! 

4) My cats: 
Wherever there is a cat, I will be there! My two little bundles of fluff make me feel so calm and content! My obsession with cats is so bad, that when I was on holiday in Portugal a few weeks ago, we went searching for cats to make me happy because I missed my so much! (yes, I am going to die alone, a crazy cat lady. I AM SO READY FOR THAT LIFE). 

All of these things make me feel like I'm in my own little world of happiness, away from the fear, worry and crap in life! This is my serenity <3
What's yours?!
 Leave a comment below, or join in by writing a blog post!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Starlight Blogger Award!

I thought I would do a cheeky midweek post for you all ;) *kind I know* My bestest bestest bestest blogging friend, Hannah kindly nominated me for the Starlight Blogger Award (read her post over on here)! Give her a little follow on Twitter/Bloglovin as well because, well... SHE IS A BABE! 
The rules: 
1) Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.
2) Answer the 3 questions that are given to you.
3) Pass the award on to six or more Bloggers of your choice, and let them know that they have been nominated.

1) What are some of the little things that made you smile/laugh this week?
Well, funny you should ask this Hannah because YOU are one of the reasons why I have laughed and smiled this week! I have had a tough week (emotionally) but you have managed to help me look at all the positives in my life (as always) so THANK YOU! Also, on Friday my best friend will be coming down from Norfolk with her sister and we are all going to go and see One Direction!!!!!!! *dances* Then I might be seeing a few people who make me incredibly happy before they all go and leave me for uni *cries*!

2) What are your favourite types of posts to write/read? (Product reviews/nail looks/tips/advice/personal/DIY and crafty etc.) You all write such fabulous, yet varied content, so it would be interesting to know!
I love writing lifestyle posts... anything from advice/tips to explaining how I feel etc... I like to see this little corner of the internet as a safe and happy place. I use it as my journal I guess! It's always nice to look back on old posts and see how I've developed over time :) 

3) Think of the one question that you would love to be asked, and answer that question! (No, this isn't due to lack of creativity I promise haha! But sometimes set questions can prevent people from telling us something they'd like to talk about :D, so do it!) 
Trust you to come up with a question that I actually can't write a decent answer for gahhhh! Hmm, maybe "How are you feeling?!" ... I do get asked this a lot, but I generally hide how I'm truly feeling/put on a brave face and plod along through life! But in all honesty, at the moment I am feeling crap! I guess it's because I am going through a massive change in my life with uni/generally growing up, so I feel a bit anxious and lost (if that makes any sense at all?!) I feel like I'm outgrowing people and I just want to start fresh! I also don't want to say goodbye to some people that I have grown to be really close to these past few months :( All I can say is, ROLL ON CHRISTMAS! (Do you ever just want to be around these people constantly so that you're always happy?! Because this is my dilemma right now!) 

Thank you once again Hannah for nominating me! I love you so so so so so so so so much <3

My nominees are...
Becky @ALittleRosy

My questions to you lovely lot are:

1) What's one thing you would personally want to change about the blogging community?/Is there anything you would change?
2) What are you most excited about for Autumn/Fall?
3) How are you feeling recently?! Let it all out on here! 

I hope you all liked this midweek post!
If you haven't been nominated but want to answer the questions, then by all means do (Link it to me so I can see your lovely answers!) or you can leave your answers in the comment below :)
I am starting Uni tomorrow so I am not sure how much time I am going to have to write posts, but I will try my best to get one up weekly for you all :)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Stepping Stones

Life is an amazing thing, however sometimes it can get a bit much! I like to take life as it comes and do things in small steps in order to achieve everything I want to achieve in life! In my 'Why It's Ok Not To Be Ok' post I spoke about the next stages/ 'stepping stones' in my life... UNI! 

Reading back on that post now, I still have very similar emotions as I did then, however now I am beginning to learn how to cope with those emotions and use them to create more of a positive outcome. This week I popped into uni to do my final stages of registration ... even then it was all a bit overwhelming! Even though it was only me and a handful of other people in the room, it was still a nerve wracking experience. I think I felt a bit overwhelmed because it had suddenly hit home that I AM GOING TO UNI... little old Sophie has actually made it through school alive and is now going to uni! Seriously, where did the time go? 

I feel like I've blinked and my childhood has gone, which is sad I guess but I am even more excited about looking ahead into my future and creating many more amazing memories, in which I can look back on years to come and be proud of myself for making it through all those stepping stones in my life! 
Next Thursday my time at uni will commence *let the games begin*! I am going to meet everyone on my course (some of which I have already made contact with on Facebook *THANK YOU SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HELPING ME WITH MY SOCIAL ANXIETY ISSUES HAHA* and I am going to be put in my tutor group; only then do I think it's really going to feel real! 

I can't even begin to explain my excitement for uni now. I AM READY. Ready for the change. Ready for the struggles. Ready for the stress (believe me, there is going to be a lot of it). Ready to meet new people. READY FOR THE NEXT STEPPING STONE IN MY LIFE! 

A lot of people have asked me if I feel like I'm missing out on the 'true uni experience' because I'm not moving away/I'm staying at home. The answer to that simply is NO! In all honesty, it scares the absolute crap out me thinking about moving miles away from my family! Of course it would be a fun/new experience, but I just don't think it's an experience for me! I am a home girl. I like my home comforts and I think I will be more hard working in a comfortable home surrounding that I am used to, then a new dirty surrounding with other people that are literal strangers to me... NO THANK YOU! (no offence to my future uni friends, if I manage to make any at this rate haha) 
I'm probably one of the minority when I say that I'm not really bothered about Freshers. I think if I lived on campus in halls, then yeah I would go, but because I'm staying at home, Freshers is basically effort... I would have to commute to get to most places and it's not exactly in the 'nicer' areas of London (to go when you're drunk and alone past midnight)... and if I'm honest, I don't want peoples first impressions of me to be 'paralytic drunk Sophie, throwing up everywhere' < we have all been there, do not judge haha! 

The moral of this blog post is YES, I am finally ready for the next stepping stone in my life! I like to think that life is like a river that we need to cross. We have to get from one side of the river to the other, and the only way we can do this, is by leaping from stepping stone to stepping stone. Yes, you will have the odd stone that you will slip on and you will fall into the river/lake whatever your imagining right now... but you will get up and jump back onto a new stone. Each stepping stone in that river symbolises a stage in your life! I would say I am on the stone, just before halfway through the river... I have slipped plenty of times, but I've managed to dry off and pick myself back up; and every time I have leaped on to a new stone, I have made mistakes but I've learnt from them! 

Uni is the next stepping stone in my life... what's yours?! Comment below :) 
Thank you so much for all the support you give me/my blog! It means so much to me! Blogging is definitely the best stepping stone in my life so far <3 
I want to give you a little something to thank you all:

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