Saturday, 29 August 2015

Current Favourites|| August!

I've been loving a lot of things recently, so I thought it would be a good time to share some of my current favourites with you! Today's post is going to be a quick one mainly with photos, as I am very busy this week preparing for my holiday next week, but I couldn't not upload for you all!

The first thing I have been loving is my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser! I've spoken about this a few times before and I've also written a whole post on my Liz Earle collection ( I've gotten through two 100ml bottles and one 30ml bottle of this, so I thought it was only right to get a 200ml bottle of it! Retailing at £26 which may seem like a lot of money, but believe me this stuff is amazing and I use it everyday without fail!
I have also been loving this Garnier Pure Daily Treatment moisturiser! This is great for people with oily skin like mine! It seeps into the skin instantly and it tightens pores, as well as combating excess oils. I managed to pick this up in my local Pharmacy for £1 in their clearance... BARGAIN! I love putting it on just before I do my make up; it acts as a great primer :)
If you haven't heard of The Body Shops new 'Spa of the world' range then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! My mum and I went into The Body Shop whilst we were in Brighton one day and she feel in love with this body cream, but at £23 a pot, she did not want to pay that price. So whilst I was out shopping with my friends the other week, I decided to buy it for my mum to surprise her (I'm an amazing daughter, I know *flicks hair*) but I have ended up using it more then her hahah ooops :') 
It smells AHHHHH MA ZING! No words can describe this beautiful scent... it literally smells like a spa, which instantly calms you! If you haven't checked out this range yet, I urge you to asap!
I have naturally curly/frizzy hair... I call it my 'lions mane' ... you can imagine how hard it is to maintain and tame. I could not simply get out of bed in the morning, comb my hair and walk out the door... what a dream that would be! My hair takes around 20-30 mins everyday if I want to have it down, I have to use an extreme amount of products to even somewhat 'tame' it... there will ALWAYS be frizz, regardless of the amounts of 'Frizz Free' products I apply! One of these products is VO5's 'Smoothly Does It'. I apply this to my damp/towel dried hair, before applying any more products and it does its best job to keep the frizz at bay.
I have also been loving this Revolution Iconic 1 palette! Every shade you would ever need is in their palettes! I've written a full review of the Iconic 2 palette... let me know in the comments below, if you would want a full review of this one, maybe even a full eye look using it?! I've even added to my collection today and bought the 'Essential Shimmers' palette for my holiday! :)
If you love Nars 'Orgasm' blush, then you'll love the Sleek blush in 'Rose gold' (926)... it's the PERFECT dupe! Ironically the day I'm writing this post, my blush broke and crumbled everywhere, so I instantly went all the way to Superdrug to buy another one because I couldn't go a day without it! I can't wait to wear it when I have a tan on holiday... it has the perfect amount of shimmer to make your cheekbones 'pop'!
Lastly, I have been loving MAC lipsticks! I got my first one in May for my birthday, which I wrote a full review over on here. Then I kindly got given a £25 MAC voucher from my parents as a present for getting good ALevel results (Thank you mum and dad)... so I decided to put this towards 2 new lipsticks, 'Brave' and 'Sin'! Brave is the perfect pinky nude shade... perfect for everyday make up, whereas Sin is the perfect colour for a night time make up look, especially in the Autumn and Winter months... roll on Autumn!
I hope you liked this post!
Let me know in the comments what you've been loving recently!
I won't be uploading a post next week as I am on holiday in Portugal... but I will do my best to upload one the weekend I get back :)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Q&A: Are you real?!

I don't know why but I was really in the mood to do another Q&A post! I really enjoyed writing my previous one (Q&A: Four, Tips and Nakedness?!) , so I asked you guys on Twitter and Instagram for some questions and this is what you wanted to know!
Hannah Delacour had A LOT of questions for me... a bit nosey if I say so myself ;)
I can't wait to meet new people and start fresh! I've gotten to the stage in my life where I'm just bored of the same old same old, that I've been stuck with for the past 7+ years of my life... so a fresh start is well and truly needed! I'm also excited about learning new things and growing up. 
Hmmm this is hard... if you know me, you know I LOVE my bed, BUT I also love fruit! If I had fresh bedding everyday, I think I'd just become accustomed to it so it won't have the same effect any more... does that even make any sense?! I don't even know.... Basically:  FRUIT!
I have a will always love Orchids, they're just so delicate and they remind me of the film 'The Perfect Man'... that orchid scene is so stressful haha 

"Nothing's impossible."

"No. Some things are. Like a man that sends you an orchid, the most romantic flower, and then turns around and sends you a yellow rose. That's the kind of flower that someone sends their sick grandmother in the hospital."

Anyone else love that film as much as I do?!
I will love you regardless of your age and wrinkles.... beauty comes from within!
I love everything about Greenwich, hence why I am going there for Uni. I can't pinpoint my favourite thing, but I guess it is my favourite place because it reminds me of childhood. In 2000 during the millennium, my grandma would always take my sister and I to the Millennium Dome (Now the O2)... and I remember going to Greenwich as well and I just remember those years being the best years of my life so far! I'm so happy that I was able to experience the Millennium, even though I was still quite young, I remember certain things and it just makes me so happy :) 

I hate it when people don't move out of the way for you in the street. I am always the one who has to move! Living close to London I find it hard to walk around without at least 10 people bashing into me with their bags or shoulders. I don't like being in big crowds as it is because I can get quite anxious, so when I'm hustling and bustling in a busy crowd, it makes it even more stressful when people don't kindly move out of the way for you to be able to walk through! I feel like I need to channel my inner Regina George in times like this gahhhh! 
Luckily I'm not moving away for Uni so I don't have the dreaded packing and unpacking... I love my home comforts too much and I wouldn't feel comfortable moving away. But if I was moving away I'd probably unpack; my pictures of my family/cats to hang around my room to make it feel more homely, my duvet to make my bed so I can make it feel like MY room (I love my bed) and lastly, I'd unpack my laptop so I can play music from Spotify whilst I unpack the rest of my things :)
Well I am interested in working in something to do with social media, for example the social media and branding for companies. I want to remain blogging but I'd like to keep it as a hobby! It will help me with my career as it will 'open doors' for me, but I don't intend on making it a full time job :) 
This isn't something I've received for a birthday or Christmas, but it is something I asked for and I got haha so I'm classing it as a gift and that's right, you guessed it... MY CATS! I had never lived a day in my life without a cat, until my cat Toulouse died at the age of 17 (she was a year older then me)... we went through a few months without getting any more cats, until we caved in a bought these two beauties! Our house felt like a home again <3 
In 10 years time I'm going to be 28... so hopefully, I would've graduated Uni and got myself an amazing job in which I am happy in... I'd like to also get my own place, I've always wanted to live alone at one point in my life. However, if I am in a relationship at the time, then I'd love to find somewhere to live with my boyfriend :) 
As I said before, I can't wait to start fresh and meet new people! But I'm also looking forward to my placement year if I chose to do one! I really want to try and work for the advertising and marketing for theatre or somewhere like Gleam.
Oh god! This is a hard one... I truly don't know! I like any Disney song... Anything Disney is a win for me :) 
MAC Velvet Teddy! It's the perfect everyday lipstick, but also looks great at night :) I wrote a review about it >>>
I am still in love with my 'Why it's Ok not to be ok...' post! I still read it back now whenever I'm feeling a bit down about life and it still helps me and I'd like to think it's helped a lot of other people as well <3
Not to worry about what other people think! I was always keeping my blog a secret from people that I knew in real life, until one day (I think it was in December last year) I decided I was really passionate about blogging and I wanted to share it with everyone! As soon as I did that, I gained more and more support from people I knew in real life as well as online! It's definitely helped me gain more confidence in myself and my writing style... I've also learnt a lot along the way as well as made a lot of new friends :) 
You're just asking a question to get a feature on my blog aren't you mum?! 
Well, my earliest memory was going to nursery when I was about 2/3 years old! I remember running straight over to the painting, the play doh and the bikes... I also remember so clearly, playing with a little group of my friends under the slide, which had a like 'den' bit to play in. I also remember getting picked up from nursery by Nanny and she would buy me Smarties and I would watch that VCR with all the kids cartoons on, and I remember shouting at her to fast forward Thomas The Tank Engine every time. 
I hope you liked this kind of post!
Thank you to everyone who sent me questions to answer, I hope you know a bit more about me now :)
If you want to ask me anymore questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I will answer them for you!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Keeping Summer Fresh*

In the Summer I love going on days out to London with my sister. I take in the gorgeous surroundings, which I am very lucky to have 'on my doorstep' and explore new places, however one thing I HATE about this, is that I feel like I have all sorts of germs on me from all of the public transport. I am quite a hygiene freak... I have a weird phobia of coins because I just feel like I have all the germs from every living thing on this planet on me, so it's vital I have wipes and sanitiser in my handbag at ALL TIMES! To add to my 'germ experience', sometimes these days out will be while it's my 'time of the month' and there is nothing worse then feeling uncomfortable whilst travelling around London, so I try my best to freshen up as much as physically possible. 

Last week my sister and I went to London for the day for a bit of shopping. As you can imagine it was very tiring, busy and there was never really a chance to properly 'freshen up'. We decided to have a look around Liberty; if you follow me on Instagram ( you will probably be sick of my Liberty photographs by now (I'm sorry)... it's the perfect place to take photos for Instagram, especially if you can't afford anything in there haha! 
I absolutely love everything in Liberty and it is so calm in there... I could stay in there for hours, just looking around at all the beautiful things they sell. (And yes, it was a struggle walking past all the 'high end' make up without making a cheeky purchase). Nevertheless, I made it out without buying anything... lets just say, my bank account LOVES me, my heart...well, not so much haha! 
As I was saying before, it is very hard to find time to 'freshen up' when you're out and about in London. Which is why I absolutely LOVED these 'Everyday Care Freshening & Soothing Cloths' by femfresh! These cloths contain a pH-balanced formula, infused with calendula and mellow extracts... which are gentle enough to cleanse, freshen and soothe even the most sensitive of people. They are primarily used 'down below', which is very useful when you are out and about whilst you are on your 'time of month'. However, I found them to be a very versatile product, which was great to use to wipe down my hands etc. (you all know what I mean, when you just feel grubby and blergh in London... you just want to be able to walk around in a bath constantly... just me or? haha). Also, retailing at £3.49 for a pack of 25 cloths, what's not to like?! >>> Buy them here
After I had freshened up with these wipes, my sister and I managed to drag ourselves out of Liberty and we went around Oxford Street... I managed to get soooo many holiday clothes in the sale, so if you want a haul, please leave a comment below letting me know! Finally, after a long, but successful day of shopping we made our way home! As soon as I got home, I wanted a bath immediately. I love London but I hate the dirty feeling after being there haha! I was very eager to try out the femfresh 'Daily Intimate Wash'. >>> Which you can buy here

I have really sensitive skin and I usually have to stay away from perfumed products, however this femfresh daily wash worked a treat! Because it is mainly for your intimate areas, I felt like I could completely trust what I was putting on my skin. These have to be the only products that I felt 100% comfortable using. They just seem so 'pure' and 'clean' (ironic I know haha) but you know what I mean, you don't have the fear of putting loads of bad chemicals on your body, which is what I definitely look for in a product!
femfresh's current campaign is based around the idea of a 'femfresh Summer'. They want to spread the awareness of feminine hygiene and they have achieved this by bringing out a new range of daily essential products, which I have found very useful on days out similar to this one! They want to encourage people to share their 'Shelfie', to show what they use in the shower... as you can see femfresh is a must in mine! Share your 'Shelfie's' of your femfresh products, using the hashtag #shelfie and tag me on twitter (@petalsofperfect) and Instagram (petalsofperfection)... I'd love to see them! It would be great if you could help promote this wonderful campaign, as I feel the products are what a lot of people are looking for, but are yet to find!
Femfresh sell a range of 'Intimate Skin Care Products', which are pH balanced to suit your skin type... it's as if the product is specifically 'made for you'. femfresh is no.1 in intimate skin care in the UK and has 40 years of expertise. What is not to like?! They are perfectly suited to everyone and their desirable needs! They were the perfect products for me to use out and about in London and also when I got home from that long day out :) After my bath, I got straight into my pyjamas and into bed... the moral of this blog post is; shopping in London is tiring, BUT it's always made easier and more enjoyable when you can stay 'femfresh' (see what I did there?!). 
I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Have you ever tried femfresh products?! What product is your favourite from the range?!

*This post was sponsored by femfresh, however all views are 100% my own and my views and opinions were not influenced by the brand. 
* All products where kindly gifted by femfresh.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Detox Water

If I'm not drinking alcohol, fizzy drinks or any kind of caffeine, I will most likely be drinking detox water... it is a great alternative to caffeine, as the natural sugars and water will make you feel more awake! Now, detox water for me is not all about losing weight quickly like some people, I purely drink it because I like it... it just happens that there are added health bonuses! Today I am going to talk about a few of these health benefits and why you should try detox water :) 
Now obviously judging by the word 'detox', it's all about getting rid of any excess waste in the body. Most detox waters are to encourage the body to 'purge' itself (get rid of any unwanted waste), therefore stimulating the liver, kidneys and colons to do their 'jobs' efficiently. It is important to cleanse the colon especially, as that is where the toxins will exit the body.

Another benefit of detox water is it boosts your energy! If you're a caffeine lover like myself, then you rely on coffee and tea to 'keep you going', however you might not be too keen on the negative impacts of excessive caffeine intake. This is why you should try detox water as an alternative. By cutting out the sugar, caffeine and saturated fats, and replacing them with fresh fruit and vegetables, you will naturally boost your energy, as well as getting that hydration that your body desperately needs! 

Whenever I'm feeling a bit dehydrated, whether that's after a night out drinking way too much alcohol (don't make the mistakes I do haha) or just in general, I ALWAYS turn to detox water. I have tried just drinking 'plain' still water all day but I tend to get bored of the taste very quickly, therefore detox water (naturally flavoured water) is a brilliant alternative! What I tend to do is fill a jug or large glass of citrus fruits (you can use any fruit/veg you want), with some ice and obviously water, and I just drink from that throughout the day and top up the water when I want more. I've found that I tend to drink more when it's detox water for some reason. I think it's because the flavour is getting stronger and stronger the longer you leave it, so it creates the effect of having a completely 'new' flavoured drink!  

Detox water also helps with weight loss. As I said before, this is not the main reason as to why I drink it, but it helps some people with their weight loss. Citrus fruits especially are very rich in the antioxidant delimonene, which is in the peel of the fruits and it helps to stimulate the liver enzymes to help flush toxins from the body. This flushing of the body will give you what your body needs to boost your metabolism, therefore making it easier for you to lose weight.

As well as weight loss it also improves your immune system. When you detox your body, you 'free up' your organs to function the way they should, therefore this helps to give your immune system a boost, since you'll be able to absorb nutrients better. You will also absorb the nutrients from the fruits in the water, e.g. Vitamin C. 

I'm not going to fully list all the benefits because that would take me years, but here are some of the other benefits to drinking detox water:
  • Clearer skin
  • Better breath
  • Clearer thinking
  • Healthier hair
  • Lighter feeling
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Improved sense of wellbeing
(More information can be found here)

Some of my personal favourite recipes are; 

Strawberry and Lime:
Strawberries have a lot of anti-oxidants and limes are great for anti-ageing.
Lemon, Lime and Orange
Lemon balances your pH levels and oranges give you vitamin C.

Are you drinking a lot of alcohol this Summer and dehydrating your body, or wanting that bikini body?! Then maybe you should try detox water! :) 
I hope you liked this post! 
Let me know in the comments if you've tried detox water and what your favourite flavours are; and also, let me know if you would like anymore health related posts, or maybe even some recipe posts!